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"Memories are nice but thats all they are." - Rikku (FFX)

Since you need to audition for the studio to become a member of the studio you cannot become a member of the forum. However, don't feel like we don't like to talk to the public, but the forum is all about member's privacy and the administration team is doing their best to uphold the trust of the members.

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Studio Leader
This thread is to honor those who left us, whether it be because of the stresses of school or Real Life it's self.
We understand and we the members of Midnight Memory Studio wish you all well.

RawritsHappy -------------------------------------- (Tifa)
FaithFl0wer ---------------------------------------- (Fang)
Yokosen ------------------------------------------- (Roxas)
PlayingxFavorites --------------------------------(Aerith)
Coolcat1863 ------------------------------------- (Vanille)
Xyunafallensummoner --------------------------- (Yuna)
xUnforgottenMemories -------------------------- (Cloud)
xThisFinalDarkangelx ----------------------------- (Riona)
XFinalFantasyNightsX ---------------------------- (Yuna)


Sendin' my love for girls who got some cuts at their wrists
Hope you find what you lookin' for, I hope you find what you lookin' for
You take away the pain and I thank you for that
If I ever get the chance, bet I'm paying you back

Mac Miller - Clarity
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